Andrea Badgley headshotHi folks! My name is Andrea Badgley, and I write at Butterfly Mind. Back in November of 2013, I began a project called Andrea Reads America, in which I dedicated to reading three books set in each of the 50 United States, plus the District of Columbia, for a grand total of 153 works of fiction. I set no time line for myself – I didn’t want the project to turn into a pressure – and I anticipate it will take me a few years to read my way across the USA.

I began blogging about my literary journey on Butterfly Mind, but after a few months the project became unwieldy within the format of that blog. I wanted to categorize my posts so that readers could easily find maps, literature capsules from each state, resources for reading geographically, and musings on on the books I read and on the project itself; I quickly realized that Andrea Reads America required its own blog space.

And here it is.

I will gradually move posts from my original site to this one, will organize the entries into navigable categories, and hope to add favorite quotes from each state’s literature. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the project or navigation of this site, please do not hesitate to contact me or comment below.

I look forward to hearing about your favorite US-based fiction, and to sharing this journey with you.

Coming soon:

What are your thoughts?

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