In every yard, chicken coops, orchids rioting in lard cans, blue sobs of jacaranda. And mango trees drooping with lianas, shell ginger hanging like pink jewels.

Song of the Exile by Kiana Davenport

One thought on “Favorite Quote Friday – from Hawaii (Kiana Davenport)

  1. I always get something good from your posts. Keep it up and congrats on your upcoming trip to Hawaii.
    You might try asking at the Patagonia website for surfing books. Their motto is ” Let my people surf”, and I think they close up shop when the surf is up. Hawaii is not out of their range. Their founder has a very interesting history, but space is limited here.
    The old John would tell a joke about getting lei’d in Hawaii, BUT IM NOT THAT INAPPROPRIATE ANYMORE. Only sometimes I slip…


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