Guest post: The Moss In My Mind

Map: Maine, setting of “The Moss In My Mind” by Mara Buck

This is a guest post from Mara Buck who contributed in response to the American Vignette call for submissions. “The Moss in My Mind” originally appeared in Orion magazine. The setting is Maine. Enjoy!

As a child, alone but never lonely, I formed at the base of trees small structures, their architecture fantastic as a dream, the framework of their mossy roots welcoming as home. I imagined myself the elf, inhabiting those ferny rooms, constantly creating further chambers, at peace. Enclosed, yet free.

These architectural woodland forays comprise my first memories of the me whom I myself now know, respect and identify; the creative me, the independent me, the me of the moment. They form a basis of personality, an intimacy between the trees and me.

Some years ago I elaborated on those early woodsy structures and built one permanently, a house within whose walls I now type this present page as I have typed many, many others. It is a personal place, just right for me, and appropriate in its mossy setting as ferns in tree roots grow. Born from an early memory to form the roots of others. A magic house in Maine.

Occasionally, there are elves.

Mara Buck writes and paints within a self-constructed hideaway in the Maine woods. She’s been published in many of the usual and unusual places. Follow her on Facebook, YouTube, Redroom, and @Mara_Buck on Twitter.